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Preventive Inspection

Preventive inspection service is an effective and low-cost service provided by Kosta Crane, which aims to eliminate the heavy losses caused by production stop due to equipment downtime.

    Eliminate the loss of shutdown caused by equipment shutdown

    We launched preventive inspection service to solve the problem that the surrounding area of your project cannot timely provide zero-distance service to your site because we do not have cooperation service provider or agent.


    The Problem of Providing Zero Distance Service

    Our preventive inspection service is usually carried out by 1 or 2 experienced professional engineers. About half a year after the equipment you purchased was put into use, we went to the site to carry out equipment inspection and maintenance. The service time is also after your factory is off work, so it will not affect your production.


    Regular inspection and maintenance

    We usually advise you to purchase some consumable parts when purchasing equipment. In fact, high quality products also need regular inspection and maintenance.


    Usually it only takes 2-3 days, which will not affect production.

    Our preventive inspections are usually recommended yearly, so we can book tickets and prepare early. The length of time is determined by the complexity of the equipment, but usually only takes 2-3 days without affecting your production.

We believe that preventive inspections will provide perfect protection for your products.

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