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Congratulations! KOSTA cranes successfully entered into South African market

June 01, 2021

In November last year, our South Africa client purchased 4 Sets European style single girder overhead cranes from our company, of which 3 sets were 5 tons and the remaining one was 10 tons. Customer purchased cranes for their steel products fabrication workshop. The customer themselves have a certain understanding of cranes. After short communication, they quickly confirmed the crane design plan. Our client was also very satisfied with our price and product quality, and then finalized the order very soon.


Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

European Style Electric Hoist

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Electric Hoist"s Electric Control Box


After a month later, our factory completed the production process and quickly packaged all the items. In January 2021, we arranged the delivery and shipment. and the customer collected the cranes in February. In order to help customer successfully complete the erection and commissioning of the cranes, we also provided drawings such as installation instructions manual and electrical diagrams. During the installation process, customer encountered some technical problems that they did not understand. Our engineers gave instructions and answers online. Finally, With our prompt and patient guidance, the customer successfully finished the erection and commissioning of all machines and started working. Client are very satisfied with our product quality and professional service, saying that they will also purchase our cranes for their new factory under construction. We express our gratitude and thanks for their trust and support.                                                             

                       Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.                         

Our client are using truck crane to place the crane standing on the traveling bay

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our cranes were successfully installed on the workshop



Hereby, let me introduce to you what European style crane is.


European single beam overhead cranes have features of light weight, compact structure and low energy consumption. The European type crane adopts a unique design concept and has the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel load. Compared with traditional cranes, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest and the headroom is the lowest. The crane can work closer to the front and has a higher hook lifting height, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant. As the crane has the characteristics of light weight and low wheel pressure, the new workshop space can be designed to be smaller and more complete. Smaller plant means that lower initial construction investment, as well as long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of cost.


The European style single-beam crane realizes frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation between 0-45m/min, and adopts a low headroom design, which can effectively increase the transportation space, and the unique C-shaped structure increases the transportation space accordingly.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

10 Tons Single Beam Overhead Crane

The European-style single-girder crane starts and runs very smoothly, also has no impact and has a good mute effect, as well as can reduce noise hazards.


The European-style single-beam crane has a low failure rate, which greatly reduces maintenance costs, and has a service life of up to 30 years, without any worries.


European-style optimized design, not only light weight, but also programmable lifting limit to achieve comprehensive protection, and the protection level is IP55, H-level insulation, which is powerful.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

5 Tons Single Beam Overhead Crane


In the system composition, there is a hard tooth surface reducer, high bearing capacity, long life, electric disk brake, dustproof, self-adjusting brake, no manual adjustment, semi-grease lubrication and high-strength galvanized anti-rust steel wire rope, maintenance-free, and It is driven by a three-in-one motor, brake and gearbox.


European-style single-beam cranes can be used in warehouse loading and unloading, material handling, mold assembly and other work ranges.


The main beams of European-style single-beam cranes are mostly made of I-shaped steel or a combination of steel and steel plates. The lifting trolleys are often assembled by hand chain hoists, electric hoists or hoisting mechanism components, which are used for lifting in different occasions. goods.


European-style single-beam crane adopts high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, disc brake, hard-tooth surface reducer, programmable lifting limit, anti-sliding rope guide and other hardware configurations, equipped with real-time monitoring, electronic anti-sway, inching function, Smart modular functions such as micro-speed function, zero-speed hovering, 4G remote communication, remote diagnosis, automatic control, etc., make it easy to realize intelligent handling.

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