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Technical request for the cranes using in the low temperature environment

June 01, 2021

Technical request for the cranes using in the low temperature environment

When the temperature is lower than -30 degrees, the general steel plate will be very brittle as glass, the general cables will be very rigid as steel bars, the lubricating oil is frozen, the brake wheels, wheels, and traveling rails are covered with ice, and the electrics and air-conditioning are no longer working. Therefore, in a low-temperature environment, we have to consider more than just the issue of steel plates. The following points has to be considered also:

1: Steel structure

The general steel we used is better for the working temperature -20 degrees-+40 degrees,

When the temperature is lower than -20 degrees, it is necessary to calculate the embrittlement resistance of the steel plate. It is not necessary to choose a specific type of steel plate, but it is better not to use the rimmed steel, namely Q235B.F, and it is better to use the high quality grades, such as D grade and E grade, the specific calculation shall prevail. In structural design, stress concentration should be avoided and thicker steel plates should be avoided.

2: Electrical

The operating temperature of the components in electrical equipment is generally between 0-40 degrees. If it exceeds this range, the electrical equipment should be placed in an electrical room with insulation measures. For the lighting, cables, sockets, limit switches, etc. that must be exposed to the outside, the low-temperature ones must be selected.

3: Lubricating oil and hydraulic oil

Should prepare 2 kinds, suitable for winter and summer

4: Machining parts

Such as couplings, shafts, pulleys, hooks, etc., should not use castings, but forgings should be used and heat treated. The base, reel, etc. of the mechanism should also be rolled by steel plate, avoid the use of castings, and the brittleness calculation should also be carried out.

5: Outsourcing

For example, motors, brakes, reducers, bearings, air conditioners, etc. should be submitted to the supplier for low temperature requirements. For example, the housing of the reducer cannot use castings, and steel plates should be welded. The friction surface of the brake should be protected from ice and snow.

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